Friday, May 27, 2011

                  ACNE & BLACKHEADS

Acne or blackheads, we all have either suffered from these at some point in our lives or are suffering from them. (the younger one's will be facing them).

Well. if we talk about me, then I would say that I have been in a constant relationship with these for long (specially with the blackheads). A relation I want to get out of, run away from...but these ridiculous things don't want to leave me alone, not even for a week. huh..!!!

First let me tell you a few things about my skin:
SKIN TYPE: I have combination skin with an extremely oily T-zone (forehead-nose-chin) and loads of blackheads in the T-zone. My skin becomes combination type during summers and quite dry in winters.

Although I have always had a combination skin, but luckily (or unluckily) never faced any acne problem in my teens.
But that has become history now. Earlier I was bugged by these blackheads and now it's these ACNE.
Since the past 2 years I have been constantly facing this acne problem . And it's not just 1 or 2 of them but a whole bunch and that too all over my face. Grr....Do I need to tell you guys how it feels to have these pathetic things all over your face..???!!!

Moreover since I am a fair complexioned girl, these ridiculous red bumpy thing are even more visible. [sideffect of being fair... :( :( ]
So as I was saying that acne have been appearing all over my face since the past few years, I finally decided to go for an ayurvedic treatment. (Baba Ramdev's ayurved treatment to  be precise). I was given some tablets and a face pack (which smells yukk...none my family members don't dare to come in the room I am sitting with the pack on and I mean this). This gave me some relief but that was temporary.

Few months later, these pimples returned back (due to their un-ending love for me, but why me..??). This time I wanted a permanent solution so I decided to go for a homeopathic treatment. The doctor I went to asked me so many questions and finally came out with a conclusion that I have certain infection. I was convinced and started the medication. 6 months later there was little b it of improvement but I don't want to credit it to the treatment but I think that over the period of time the intensity had gradually decreased. I wasn't satisfied because the results were not at all satisfactory and 6 months is a long time...!!

I finally decided to visit a dermatologist who started my treatment. Few months later I am still waiting to see the results. Apart from the tablets, he gave me certain ointments and a face-wash called Cipla Saslic: Salicylic Acid face wash. Although it hasn't helped me with the acne problem but all my blackheads are gone..!!! yay..!! these blackheads were with me since the last 5-6 years.

I think the acne problem that I am facing is due to hormonal changes and will be over after some time and I will get my clear and glowy skin back.

I would recommend this face wash to girls suffering from acne or blackheads. This would be of great help.

Product: Cipla Saslic Salicylic Acid face wash
rice: rs. 150
volume:60 ml

IT was my last day in the college today, had mixed feelings. I am all geared up for my corporate life (2 months to go).I am leaving for Shimla tomorrow, will be back on 22nd june.

Till then stay happy and keep blogging. 


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