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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nainital Roadtrip | Vlog

Hello !

We went on a short vacation to Nainital, Uttarakhand in December 2016. Nainital is a hill station in the north India, in case you don't know (which I doubt). And we went there during the Christmas-New Year time. Now, if you are planning to view snowfall then I would suggest you to go there on new Years itself, since the chances of snowfall are higher at that time.

Although it gets really cold during the nights in December but the days are mostly sunny and warm. Make sure you carry your sweaters, scarves, gloves and woolen hats to cover yourself up. In case you forget to do that or you are like us who thought(being a pahadi) you can easily escape the winters.... umm.. don't worry there are plenty of shops that sell woolen clothes at nominal prices.

Ours was a 3 day trip. You can easily cover entire Nainital in 3 days.

Day 1: We drove from Delhi to Nainital. We started at 5:00am and reached there around 11:30 am - 12:00 noon. It was extremely foggy that day, else we could have reached at least an hour early. Since we were very tired so we just explored the local market after checking into our hotel. Always get a hotel on the main road, preferably the one which offers parking. Parking is an issue there and mostly people have to park their cars on the mall road paid parking space. It becomes quite inconvenient to go there everyday to get your car and then drive back to your hotel room and then go park your car and get back to your room. Duh.. !! not recommended.

We also went for a shikara ride in the famous Naini lake the same day and leisurely walked on the mall road to end the day.

For dinner, we went to Chandni Chowk restaurant on the mall road for all the 3 days. Highly recommended !

Day 2: We booked a taxi for Rs.600(BARGAIN !!) They will start from Rs.1500 at least) which took us to 7 tourist attractions in Nainital including: Khurpa taal, Lands End, Tiffin Top, Dorothy's Seat, Himalayan Peak point to name a few.

For a round trip to Dorothy's seat, we opted for the horses instead of trekking. You pay Rs.700 per person. It was an experience in itself. Highly recommended.

Lastly, we took the cable car to the mall road. The view from there is breath taking and it almost feels like you are watching a movie. Though, it is a very short ride of less than a min I think, but is definitely a MUST DO.

Day 3: On our last day we booked a taxi to Mukteshwar for Rs. 1500. It takes around 3 hours of drive to reach there. The weather is colder there as compared to the mall road area. It even snowed there. I would suggest your to carry gloves, hats and a nice warm jacket if you go there in winters. This trip takes your entire day. You can either stay there in one of many resorts Mukteshwar has or drive back to the mall road.

The 1st stop is the Golu Devta temple followed by the Tea garden and finally you reach Mukteshwar.

The main attraction for me was the point called Chauli ki Jali in Mukteshwar which offers a panormic view of Nainital. It is almost like the peak of the mountain. You can indulge in some adventure sports: zipline. They charge Rs 500 for it.

When we came back it started snowing and raining and got really really cold.

Since it was Christmas, the entire mall road was decorated with lights and colored papers. Midnight masses were held in the local churches and people would sing carols while taking out rallies. It was a very festive environment and made our trip so much more better. Nainital can be visited year around and offers so much for tourists.

For more details you can watch my vlog HERE

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lansdowne, Uttarakhand Vlog | Road Trip

All of us deserve and need a break from the busy city lives that we are living today. It is important to rejuvenate ourselves so that we can work hard when we get back to our mundane lives. For me it is more about mental rejuvenation rather than physical.

So we recently went on a trip to Lansdowne, which is a small town in Uttarakhand. We had a 4 day long weekend and we did not want to waste it by staying at home. Hence, we planned a last minute trip.

Lansdowne is basically a cantonment area and doesn't offer much in terms of activities. I have grown up in a cantonment area and I know how difficult it is to enter one without the proper ID card. And to see the cantt. open for all the people was weird for me. There are very few basic tourist spots which can be easily covered in a day. So, if you are coming from Delhi you can drive here on an early Saturday morning and explore the town the same day and leave for Delhi on a Sunday afternoon. It takes around 5 hours from Ghaziabad to Lansdowne and the road is pretty good except for a few patches.

We were a little apprehensive about visiting Lansdowne in the month of July since it is the onset of monsoon. It was July 1st week and it did rain a little bit mostly late at night or early morning. Just a little bit of drizzling, not much.

There are not many hotel options in Lansdowne. I would highly suggest to take the hotel on the outskirts of the town/city from where it takes just 10 minutes drive to reach the main market. We stayed in the Green Palms on day 1 which is a decent property there. Other options would be Lans Castle and Blue Pine. Lans Castle is so overpriced though !

There are not good hotel options in the main market except for the Govt.(GVMN) rest house and the Fairydale resort(which I did not check out). Second day we stayed at the GVMN guest house. The food is very good and very reasonably priced but the rooms were not upto the mark. The GVMN compound is very well maintained though. We stayed in the hut which is separate from the main building and has its own personal lawn. We would sit out in the lawn with our tea and Saurabh would play his guitar. It was such a nice experience.

After I came back I also heard about this resort called Vanvasa. I am not sure of its location but it is somewhere in Lansdowne.

You would get all the necessary things in the main market and the main tourist spots are very close by.

The main spots to cover are: Tip N top, bhulla taal, museum, bhim pakora,few temples and churches.
We just went to the Tip N Top and the Bhulla Taal since the churches were closed for some reason and we had no interest in the temples and museums.

Also, I would recommend eating veg noodles and lassi at the Mayur Restaurant in the main market near Gandhi Chowk. We went there both the days. It was yumm!!
Also you can buy booze form the main market. Just ask anyone and they will help you. Just make sure to read the price before paying, since alcohol here is a lot more cheaper than UP but still some shopkeepers sell them for double the price.

There are just 3 ATMS in Lansdowne and no petrol pump nearby so make sure you come with a full tank. 1 ATM is in the main market, 2 at the Lansdowne entrance. There is ample parking space so that would not be a problem.

Overall you can visit Lansdowne only if you want to chill and relax and don't intend to indulge in any sort of activity.

You can also watch my vlog HERE

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Casuals | OOTD

Hey guys !!

How are you all? The monsoon has finally arrived here !! Yippee!! I can't tell you how hot it had gotten here.

So, I did this outfit video few days back when it was still hot in Delhi. If you ask me what is my go-to outfit, I would say skinny jeans and a crop top. I can literally live in this combination. Although boot cut jeans are also back in fashion, but somehow I have never found that style appealing. At least not till now. But you never know !!

So, I wore these really light weight and comfortable ripped skinny jeans from Jabong. This is my favorite pair of jeans ATM. It fits me like a glove and really accentuates my curves. I like how it hugs me at the right places and makes me look slim yet curvy. One more thing that I like about this jeans is that it has 2 buttons on the waist above the zipper. They have given a broad band (not as in telephone :P) on the waist which makes sure that your love handles don't bulge out.

I would highly recommend you guys to buy this pair if you are looking for one.

Another favorite thing is this crop top from Mango. It is an old one but I still love it to bits. I love how boxy yet fitted it is. The sleeves are loose and reach my elbows. And the colorful floral print is just perfect for summers. This top gave this outfit the much needed pop of color.

Since the whole outfit was very casual and chilled out, I wanted to add a pair of sandals that could make the outfit a little dressy. So, I wore these classic nude-gold sandals, which go with anything and everything. I really like the design and the color of these. If you have broad feet like me then you should try buying sandals which cover the front part of your feet. It instantly makes your feet look slimmer. Tried and tested. :D

I am not big on accessories, so I just added a white strap watch with colorful dial and threw on a black & white clutch.

If you wish to see more of me then watch this GET READY WITH ME video.

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