Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Casuals | OOTD

Hey guys !!

How are you all? The monsoon has finally arrived here !! Yippee!! I can't tell you how hot it had gotten here.

So, I did this outfit video few days back when it was still hot in Delhi. If you ask me what is my go-to outfit, I would say skinny jeans and a crop top. I can literally live in this combination. Although boot cut jeans are also back in fashion, but somehow I have never found that style appealing. At least not till now. But you never know !!

So, I wore these really light weight and comfortable ripped skinny jeans from Jabong. This is my favorite pair of jeans ATM. It fits me like a glove and really accentuates my curves. I like how it hugs me at the right places and makes me look slim yet curvy. One more thing that I like about this jeans is that it has 2 buttons on the waist above the zipper. They have given a broad band (not as in telephone :P) on the waist which makes sure that your love handles don't bulge out.

I would highly recommend you guys to buy this pair if you are looking for one.

Another favorite thing is this crop top from Mango. It is an old one but I still love it to bits. I love how boxy yet fitted it is. The sleeves are loose and reach my elbows. And the colorful floral print is just perfect for summers. This top gave this outfit the much needed pop of color.

Since the whole outfit was very casual and chilled out, I wanted to add a pair of sandals that could make the outfit a little dressy. So, I wore these classic nude-gold sandals, which go with anything and everything. I really like the design and the color of these. If you have broad feet like me then you should try buying sandals which cover the front part of your feet. It instantly makes your feet look slimmer. Tried and tested. :D

I am not big on accessories, so I just added a white strap watch with colorful dial and threw on a black & white clutch.

If you wish to see more of me then watch this GET READY WITH ME video.

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