Friday, August 12, 2011


Everyone wants to have a flawless and glowing skin. Some people are lucky who are born with it while some have to work hard to achieve what they want.

Before writing anything let me tell you my skin stats:
TYPE: combination-oily, pimple and blackheads prone
COMPLEXION: very fair

Here are some of the tips that i swear by..n they do help me.

(1) Drink loads of water. It is best to drink 4-5 glasses of water (preferably luke warm water with lemon n honey) early in the morning..empty stomach. Then you can continue with ur glasses of water throughout the day. Try to drink atleast 8-10 glasses f water in a day. The more the better.

(2) If possible use raw milk to massage on your skin on alternate days and then wash it  with luke warm water. Follow up with a moisturiser. I use aloe-vera gel.
This tip really helps you to get that glow on your face.

(3) Stop using any kind of face wash. Instead, use besan (mix it with few drops of tomato juice and rose water or you can even use it with plain water)  for washing your face. It is a natural cleanser + exfoliator. It's the mildest scrub + it's natural.

Since I have combi-oily skin, I follow it with rubbing ice on my face. Ice reduces the pore size + keeps the oilyness at bay for quite gud time. Follow with a moisturiser (preferably aloe vera gel).

Do this 2-3 times a day. Just as you would have washed ur face with ur face wash. I bet you would notice the difference from day1. Dis makes ur skin  glow…!!!

I personally swear by this tip. It has helped me ALOT...!!! n I mean it. Not did it only reduced my break outs but it also reduced the redness of the pimples n stopped them from increasing in size..i mean it just dries them.

(4) Instead of using any market product you can use the home made one.
The above mentioned besan thing works as a cleanser.
For toner this is what I do:
(a) Cucmber toner: Peel the cucumber. Cut it into pieces. Put into mixer.Pour a litle water.Start grinding. When done with it, sieve it and then put into ice trays and freeze.
(b) Rose water/Toner: get some rose flowers from your garden (white,red,pink..any). Wash them. Put them in the grinder. Pour sufficient amount of water. Start grinding. Sieve and freeze in ice trays.

These cubes can b used as and when required.

(5) If you have oily or combi skin, use multani mitti with rose water on alternate days.

(6) Last but not the a healthy diet and do exercise regulary.Go for walks atleast.

I hope it helps you.



R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Great tips Kanika! Drinking lots of water is really a must!!!!

Unknown said...

thanks for dropping by rakshanda...yeah i kno water really helps..n btw u urself have such a beautifull skin..n bery pretty eyes..n ofcourse hw can i 4get..lovely hair..

Rekha said...

nice tips :) lovely blog.. following u now :)


Shruti said...

Great tips Kanika. I am sure to try the milk massage :)


Unknown said...

thanku rekha
shruti: yup do try it..wil surely help u

FashionPhD said...

Great post! very helpful :)

Unknown said...

aww..thku so much fashionphd..!!