Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Favorite Bloggers... ^__^ 

This post is dedicated to my favorite bloggers, those I can't live without, those I am terribly addicted to...(literally..!!! I can leave everything else to just read my favorite blog.. :) ).
I myself have a blog which I am not regular with. But this is so because I am more of a reader than a writer. I enjoy READING blogs more than writing..(good or bad..dunno.. :/). Reading blogs has become an IMPORTANT part of my life which I am sure will continue lifetime :)

Now moving onto the actual topic...

Today I am going to talk about my favorite bloggers. Here goes the list: (in no particular order..let's do this alphabetically)

1. Chamber of beauty (Rakshanda):
She is one of the most prettiest bloggers I have come across. Her blog is all about cosmetics, makeup & I love every bit of it. She keeps updating her readers about all the latest entries in the makeup world.
Her blog is quite different in terms of looks which I love. One of the BEST thing about her is that she makes it a point to reply to each and every comment on her blog which I think is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet..!!! I love her even more for that. :)

Rakshanda, if you are reading this then let me tell you that you have a wonderful blog which we all love reading. Keep up the good work....ALL THE BEST.

2. Peaches&Blush (Mehak):
Again one of the best bloggers. Her blog is very informative. She is also mainly a cosmetics/makeup blogger.
I love the way she writes..!!! All the products that she writes about are usually the ones which I personally like. Her choices are always the best (acc to me). I envy her skin..she has a flawless skin..literally to die for..!!!

Mehak I love your work  :)

3.  StyleFashionEtc (Srish):  
I LOVE her posts. Her's is the first blog that I followed.She is more into clothes than makeup & I love her even more for that..!!!
She comes across as a very lively & a friendly person. Her posts are very creative and helps alot if you are looking for styling. I always make it a point to comment on each and every post on her blog. As I read her blog, I feel there is some kind of positive energy reaching out to me..and it happens everytime.
I just love her blog and I am always looking forward (eagerly) for her new posts.

All I can say is that Srish I love your work very much and continue the good work.. :)

4. Tanvii (Tanvii):
Her blog is one of a kind. To me she is a teacher, a philosopher, a guide, a friend & indeed an INSPIRATION.
Her blog is not limited to any one thing, she writes about everything: life,health,clothes,philosophy etc..
Every time I read her blog there is something NEW I learn and get inspired. She has a very mature outlook toward life and I really like that. She exudes positivity which reaches to all her readers and makes her different from all the others bloggers.

Tanvii I love your work and you are a source of inspiration to all of us. :)

I hope my favorite bloggers do read this post. I love reading other blogs too, but these are the ones which are really close to my heart and I just can't do without them.

Those who aren't following these lovely blogs, let me tell you, you guys are missing on some great stuff.
Follow them NOW and you will get to know why they are my favorites.

Take Care n keep blogging..!!


R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Thank you soo much Kanika <3 I'm so glad to know that you like my blog!!!!

Unknown said...

u r welcome dear.. :)

Zatheela said...

Nice to see so many Indian bloggers.. hvnt really seen many lankans..

Unknown said...


Jahn 'n Style said...

I love Tanvi too :)

Unknown said...

jahn: i guess she is every1s favorite.. :)

The Beautifier said...

Nice bloggers! I'm already following their blogs :)

Unknown said...

the beautifier.. :)

Shang J. said...

Great pick. I also think they are awesome bloggers.
New follower. Hope you follow back. XX

Unknown said...

m alrdy following u shang..

pavani reddy said...

i m already following them all...tanvi is really an inspiration...

Unknown said...

yeah pavani..