Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cameleon Color Stay 2 in 1 liquid lipstick

I do not own much lip colors or lipsticks or even lip balms for that matter. I just use Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Gloss in Pomegranate flavour. I bought this lipcolor because I was looking for some good matte red lipstick and I just instantly fell in love with this color as soon as I saw this in the shop.

Cameleon Color Stay 2 in 1 liquid lipstick

Product code: 343

Net weight: 4.5g + 4.5g

Price: Rs.190

Instructions: After applying the color, leave for 2 minutes & then apply the shining gloss.

Color: It's a perfect deep red. It's dries out to be matte with no shimmers at all. (I like my lipsticks/glosses minus any shimmer)

lip color

lip gloss

Texture: It is creamy & quite thick which dries out super fast. When I say super fast I literally mean it. Once dried it is not easy to remove it just by swiping or by plain water.

My Take: I really like the color- it's a beautiful matte deep red. It adds a glow to your face. Every time I wear this I get complements :) .I love the fact that it does not contain any shimmer. When topped with the transparent gloss it looks super pretty.
The color stays on me for good 6-7 hours with minimal fading(when I wear it to office I need not reapply it as it stays the whole day). You just need to re-apply the transparent gloss. It's quite drying since it's a matte lipcolor+long lasting one but I don't mind that because I always wear my lipbalm under this.
I like to wear it as a tint (just dab a dot or 2 over my lips and use my washed fingers to spread it evenly) rather than slathering it over my lips. It works better this way.

When I wear a thick layer of it, the color comes out to be a b'ful red and when I wear it as a lipstain it looks pink!! I love this lipstick.


1) Beautiful color
2) Long lasting
3) No shimmers
4) Reasonably Priced
5) Great quantity
6) Comes with a gloss

1) Drying for the lips
2) Dries superfast and can't be removed easily which can be a problem sometimes.
2) It fades unevenly when you wear a heavy layer of it.
3) No ingredient list
4) Availability might be a problem

All in all it's a great value for money for those people who don't want shimmers in their lipcolors and need a long lasting one.

Rating: 4/5


Segments of Life said...

Beautiful shade! Looks lovely on you! What's the shade called??

Unknown said...

@segments of life: it doesn't hv a name. its number 343

pavani reddy said...

wow..great shade kanika..looking very flattering on u..i m yet to try these bold colours..u totally rocked it...

Unknown said...

@pavani: thnku honey :) you can wear it as a lip stain as well ..dats d best part abt it

Unknown said...

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new follower of your blog
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Allaboutladies said...

lovely colour...def suits u..i dont think I can handle this colour though I luv it...u luk pretty.....btw am holding a beauty products giveaway..if interested plz click on the following link...i wud be happy

Anuradha said...

This shade looks awesome on you!! You are carrying this bright red beautifully! and hey I am your new GFC follower :)

Unknown said...

@huda: thnx

@allaboutladies: thnku..even i used to think d same..but then there are numerous ways of wearing a RED..u shud definitely try wearing red once

@golden falcon: thnku sweetie

Unknown said...

Shade is lovely ... Hey kanika thanks for entering in my first giveaway.. :)

Unknown said...

@shalini dhillon: thnku.. :) n u r welcome

Maya said...

Nice review. Red looks good on you :)

Unknown said...

@maya: thnx

Lancy said...

Lovely review and great blog you have :)
Check out mine when you get time.

Unknown said...

@lancy: thnku :)

Unknown said...

lovely look gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

@alice: thnku dear

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

i wanna buy.. from where do i get it?