Monday, October 21, 2013


I have never had any pets till this year, although I have always found them cute, especially dogs. My brother and mum love them too but my mother says that you have to put in lots of time in taking care of them. On the other hand my elder sister and my dad were afraid of dogs. This year in March we finally decided to buy a puppy and brought our little bundle of joy home. He is a Lab-retriever. His ears, tail an legs are like labs but his face is like a retriever's and his coat is between the two. He was 45 days old when we brought him home and named him MAX. I love calling him Maxie though. This was his very first day at his home.
He looked so cute when I first saw him and he still does. He was golden brown in color but his face was a little darker than his body and he had an orange tika on his forehead which made him look cuter.See this is what I mean
My sister who used to run away seeing a dog, now takes care of him like her baby. Right from making food for him, taking him out for walks, cleaning his potty.... we do everything and we love every bit of it. He used to sleep most of the time. I think this is his second most favorite thing to do, first being eating. Have a look-
Here he is in playful mood-
Some more pictures of younger Max-

Well he is a grown up boy now. He is 8+ months old. Why do they grow up so quickly!! huh.. It has become really difficult to carry him around in my lap, but I somehow manage. I love to hug and kiss him throughout the day which he might even find torturous sometime but then I can't help it.
We have somehow managed to teach him 'shakehand', 'sit down'. He also understands 'no', 'khana', 'biscuit', 'ghoomi-ghoomi', 'thappad' lol!! Also he loves to stand in the balcony and watch the pigeons. He looks so adorable doing that.!! The funniest thing about him is that he associates food with shakehand. So whenever he sees us eating something and wants it he would just come and sit next to us and would start to shakehand. LOL!
How many of you have or had pets with them? Do share in the comments below.

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