Monday, December 30, 2013

My Dear Aloevera Lotion

It is really hard for me to find products that work well on my super oily, highly acne prone skin. But when I do find such products, I make sure that I stick to them till the time I get something better. I don't usually experiment with my skin care products and stick to what my dermatologists suggests as it has made a huge difference to my skin.

Today I am reviewing which I discovered accidentally but it has found a permanent place in my skin care kit.

Price: Rs.140 for 120ml


My Review:

It is a pharma-product which you can find in any chemist shop. It comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip-open cap. You have to tilt and press the bottle to get the product out. Since it is in gel form(and not runny), you can easily control the amount of product you want.

As it is a gel based moisturizer, hence best suited to people with oily-combination skin. The main ingredients here are aloe vera, glycerine and rose extracts, which sound very promising for someone like me who has oily skin and for whom even lightest of serums seem quite heavy. The rose extracts in it give it a very pleasent fragrance which is very mild and it doesn't stay long. The aloe vera and glycerine work amazingly on my skin and provide it the perfect dose of moisturization. I apply it over my wet face and keep massaging it till it disappears. It makes my skin feel moisturized from within and doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all, rather it gives a matte effect which I like a lot. I apply it once-twice a day and I am done.

I had been using Patanjali's aloe vera gel till few days back as it was the only thing which worked for me. The only problem I had with it was that it felt sticky for some time but this is even lighter than that. Moreover, they don't even test on animals, so it's an added advantage. People who like Patanjali's aloe vera gel will love this even more. After using this I think I am not going to get back to anything else.

Rating: 10/5 yes it is EXCELLENT

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