Sunday, February 2, 2014

Plum Lips with neutral eyes

Hello Girls!! What are your plans for tomorrow? I have none :/

Well last week had been really nice to me. I won a giveaway for the first ever time in my life!! YAY!!!! I will post the pictures of the gift soon. Gone week was good on a professional note as well. Infact January has been really good to me. Aaah!! I love my birthday month.

The month of Love has started and I hope it loves me and brings good things in my life. You know what?! I am on 7th day of Jillian Michaels 30day Shred challenge. The first day was really difficult. I was breathless in few minutes and couldn’t continue with the program. But 2nd day onwards it has been really smooth. I have seen great change in my metabolism. I don’t get tired very easily now. Also, when I am done with my workout, I feel all the more energetic than I was when I started with it. I have actually noted down my measurements and would check them again after 30days. :D :D Hopefully, there will be some changes.

Oh!! Actually this post was about a look that I tried yesterday. It is such a classic look. I totally love it. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you guys think.

Tutorial for the look:

1. Wash and moisturize your face.

2. Apply a primer to the lids. (I used Garnier tinted roll on)

3. Take a shimmery gold/champagne eye shadow and apply it all over the lids.

4. Now take a matt brown color and define your crease with it.

5. Taking a dark plum/dark brown/dark bronze color create a V in the outer corner of your eyes.

6. Blend in all the colors.

7. Now use the same gold/champagne shadow to highlight your brow bone.

8. Apply kohl on your upper and lower lashline. Smudge the kohl with black eye-shadow for a softer look.

9. Fill your brows and apply mascara.

10. Apply concealer under your eyes.

11. Take a dark plum lipstick and apply it all over your well moisturized and primed lips. Apply it in a dabbing motion first and then spread it with the help of your fingers. Let it set for few seconds. Now blot the lipstick over a tissue. Apply the lipstick again but this time with more intensity and directly from the bullet.

12. Apply a concealer around your lips for a cleaner look.

13. Apply foundation/BB cream all over your face and neck. (I used Pond BB cream)

14. Apply your favorite bronzer and blusher

Tadaa.. you are done. This look hardly takes 15-20 minutes. And trust me it will never fail you. Wear this look for a night party and I am sure you will make heads turn.

You can see I tried a low side bun. What do you think? Does it look good??!! Let me know your thoughts.

Hugs and Kisses for all you pretty girls!!!

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