Monday, March 24, 2014

Rants, random thoughts & running errands

Hey Girls!! How have you'll been? I have been work. Past 1 month has been really hectic. Hence my absence from the blog. Moreover I have been on a shopping ban for a while so even that doesn't help. My exercise routine has gone for a toss+ stressful situations make me eat all the junk. Duh..!! life has been really bad. Anyways spring is here in Delhi and this is the best time to go to water parks, amusement parks for all the fun rides. Ah!!! I can't wait to plan my trip!!

Lately I have also been making my wishlist. List of places I want to visit. Exploring the world, experiencing different cultures, tasting different delicacies has its own charm. I dream to achieve this dream.

Like I said I have been really busy, add shopping ban to life has been really boring. I hardly went out and that too just for running few errands. Hopefully I will be back to track soon with regular posts, my fitness routine and healthy eating.

Will be back soon.

Until then...LOTS OF LOVE

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