Monday, April 21, 2014

EOTD: winged liner with bright eyes

Hey girls!! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good as my dad is here and we went shopping for him. It is always fun to shop for your parents.

Anyways, I was watching a DulceCandy video the other day and was inspired to do a winged eyeliner look. She used some colors on her lower lash line, so I also thought I would try something for my eyes too. So, I went ahead and did this look. It is very quick and easy, given you are good with winged eyeliners. I wouldn’t call it a wearable look as it is as I find it quite dramatic. But yes you can always tone it down by replacing the winged liner with a regular liner. It is such a bright and lovely look which I totally love. Hope you guys love it too.

Steps to follow to achieve this look:

1.Start with a washed and moisturised face.

2.Take your favourite liner or kohl and create a winged eyeliner.

3.Take a bright eye shadow (I took blue) and apply it on the outer 3/4th lower lash line.

4.Take a while/champagne/pale pink eye shadow and apply it in the inner corner of your eyes.

5.Apply generous coats of mascaras on upper as well as lower lashes.

6.Wear your favorite foundation/BB cream.

7.Little bronzer for definition and your favorite lipstick. That’s it!!!


Unknown said...

You look very pretty...Winged eyeliners always look dramatic....xoxoxo.....^_^

Lisha B. said...

Gal you are smokin hot! Everything looks so damn good on u!

Mayuri said...

you look great dear :) loved he winged liner

Unknown said...

Maria Hussain: thank you dear. Yeah I also think so.

Lisha: aw!!So kind of you to say that

Mayuri: thank you so much :)

Unknown said...
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