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Review: Premier Dead Beautifying Nail Kit (Luxury) and Premier Dead Sea Concentrated Facial Serum with vitamins E & C

Premier Beautifying Nail Kit

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? His/her face, right? What’s the next thing that you notice? It has to be the HANDS. Your hands and feet say alot about your hygiene. If you have dirty nails, chipped nail paint it looks gross at the same time if you have well groomed hands and feet then it adds up to your personality. And no you don’t have to visit a parlour everytime for getting your nails done or for a manicure/ pedicure session. You just need a do-at-home kit which you can use in the comfort of your home, watching TV, sipping your favourite drink. I personally don’t like visiting parlours regularly. I am too lazy for that. I just go there for my routine threading of the eyebrows and nothing else. So, for someone like me these kinds of kits are a great investment.

I recently got to try Premier by Dead Sea Premier’s Beautifying Nail Kit-Luxury collection. Read on to know if it is worth it or not.

About the Brand: The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories was established in 1990 in Israel and is part of Hadan Group, which has been specializing in cosmetics since 1979. The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories is a major manufacturer of high quality Dead Sea cosmetic products. Their line consists of over 150 items, which complete a full unique range of high quality skin care products, hair and body care, toiletries and cosmetics, exported to over 62 different countries.

Dead Sea Premier was awarded the title and seal "Guardians of the environment"
- Environment friendly manufacturing plant.
- Recyclable packaging.
- All ingredients are ozone friendly.
- No animal testing or animal derivatives.

You can visit them on:

The kit comes in a square cardboard box and is priced at Rs. 2,500.00 and $59.99. The cover mentions everything about the products. It contains 4 pieces:

1. Buffing block:
It is unlike any other buffer I have used till date. It is cuboid in shape. One side of the buff has the name of the brand written along with the steps as to how to use it. The other 3 sides are blue, grey and white in colour and each side has a specific use to it. You have to first use the blue side in back and forth motion for 2-3 seconds. This helps in removing the lines, ridges and the rough texture of the nail. Next use the grey side and buff each nail for 2-3 seconds. This will remove all the remaining ridges and will stimulate blood circulation under the nails, thus encouraging healthy and strong growth. Finally, use the white side. This side is made of silk and gives the nails a glossy shine which doesn’t come off.

When I used the blue and grey sides, they evened out the rough texture of my nails and mattified them. The white side is what really surprised me. I mean, I have used buffs before but this white side makes this one really unique. As soon as I buffed my nails with it my nails were shining as if I had applied a coat of some transparent nail paint. It was a pearly shine. I was amazed. This really made my nails look super healthy. This is my favourite product in the kit.

One more thing, this shine doesn’t go away!! It stays on for days! The nails may not stay as shiny as they become immediately after buffing with the white side but they still retain the shine.

2. Nail file: To smooth away the rough nail edges and shaping the nails, use this file. It can be used from both sides and is quite easy to work with. I find it is not as hard as a metallic filer which is a good thing.

3. Mineral rich cuticle oil: it is used for softening and conditioning the cuticles, thereby, ensuring good nail growth. This has a runny consistency. It comes in a sleek tube with a nozzle. You don’t even need to press the tube, just tilt it and a small quantity of oil comes out. For this oil, little goes a long way. So you need just 2-3 drops of oil for your one hand.

4. Hand and body cream: This is my 2nd favourite product after the amazing buffer. It has the perfect consistency- neither too runny nor too thick. It spreads easily and is decently moisturizing. Since it has the consistency of a lotion- probably little thicker than that, it is not heavily moisturizing but just the right amount. If you are someone who has extremely dry skin then this may not work for you.

I LOVE its fragrance. It is warm, sweet, vanilla-ish, butterscotch-ish. It smells divine! I keep sniffing myself after applying this. I smell like a cup cake whenever I use it :D. The scent stays on for about 6 hours which is amazing!! Totally love this product.

Overall I love this kit. It makes my nails so healthy, smooth and shiny and the shine stays on for days! It is easy to use and highly effective. I would definitely repurchase it and would recommend it to all of you. The products are available on leading e-commerce websites.

Take a look at the after and before pictures. These do not do justice to the shine this kit has brought to my nails.

Premier Concentrated Facial Serum with vitamins E & C

Product Description: Premier Concentrated Facial Serum with vitamins E & C provides an invisible silky veil of support for the skin by employing a revolutionary triple lifting mechanism. It lifts the skin and keeps it taut, it tightens skin immediately upon application and it lavishes the skin with vital nourishment.

Application: Before application, cleanse your face. Apply a desired amount into the palms of both hands and massage into the skin with upward strokes. Use daily in the morning and evening. A moisture cream may be applied on top after the serum has been absorbed into the skin.

Price: $199.99 for 1.7 Oz or Rs. 12,200 for 50ml.

Packaging: The product is housed in a gold+ rose gold cuboid cardboard box. The box has the company name and logo inscribed on one side and the application and benefits on the other. On opening the box you will find the product safely packed inside a black plastic case which is cut in the shape of the bottle and holds it tightly.
The bottle is made up of frosted glass which is makes it quite heavy and is green in color. I find the shape of the bottle very feminine. The name and logo of the company is inscribed in golden color on the bottle. It has a pump dispenser which makes it very convenient and hygienic to use the product. I find the packaging very luxurious and classy.

Even after being made up of glass, I find it travel friendly as the pump is quite tight and won't leak any product. Also, my sister accidentally dropped the bottle on the floor but it still did not break :D :D. Hats off! Although I would prefer to carry this in the cardboard box that it came in.

Ingredients: cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, octyl cocoate, soybean(glycine soja) oil, retinol(vit A), dead sea mineral salt (mar sal), ascorbic acid(vit C), tocopherol(vit E), citrus aurantium(orange) oil.

Texture/Consistency: The serum has a gel like consistency which is slightly runny and has a mild citrus-y fragrance which goes away within seconds after application. One needs just a tiny drop (not even half pump) of the serum to cover the entire face and another drop for the neck area.

When I first applied it on my face it felt a little thick and oily but after massaging it for few seconds it completely vanished without leaving behind any kind of shine. My skin literally drank it up!

I really like how it sinks into my skin as I have super-oily skin and rarely any moisturizer works for me. But this doesn’t make me feel greasy or oily. You can’t even tell if I have applied anything or not. It makes my skin look plump and hydrated from within. My skin felt visibly radiant, brighter and smoother instantly after application.

As for the claims regarding diminishing lines and wrinkles, I can’t comment on them as I still don’t have that problem. But I will ask my mother to use it for a while and will update you on that.

The quantity provided and the amount you need for 1 application, I am sure this will last me at least next 6 months.

Final Verdict: I quite like this serum and will continue using it as a part of my skin care routine. It will work for any skin type, just that the oily beauties will need just a small amount while the dry skinned beauties will need to use a little more. It is pretty expensive though. Other than it will be perfect for everyone, especially in hot and humid Indian summers. I highly recommend this product. If you can get your hands on this then go and just grab it. It is available at most leading e-commerce websites.

PS: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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