Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Color Care London Lipsticks

Few days back my sister excitingly yelled my name and asked me to come to her room. When I went there she was watching HomeShop18 and the shopping guides were talking about a makeup kit from Color Care London. Since I am a lipstick addict I was excited to see the beautiful colors they were offering but since I had never ever heard of this brand before I was quite sceptical whether to go ahead with the order or not. We finally gave in to the temptation as the deal was too good- Rs 999/- for 6 lipsticks, 6 nail paints, 1 eyeliner, 1 kajal/kohl and 1 foundation. The only thing I ordered this kit for were the lipsticks.

When the package arrived I was heartbroken as few lipsticks were all over the place, their caps were somewhere else and few lipstick bullets were damaged!! Seeing this I was sure that the products will be highly disappointing. Was I right?? Or not? Read on to know more.

Price: Rs.195 for 4g product. You can buy the individual lipsticks or you can go for various kits available on a lot of e-commerce websites.

Packaging: These lipsticks come in regular lipstick packaging where you have to twist the bottom to get the bullet out. The body is mauve-ish pink and silver with a see through bottom. However, you still can’t see the color through the bottom. These lipsticks don't have a name, instead they have numbers which are mentioned at the bottom of each tube. The packaging is very flimsy and cheap. The cap doesn't sit tightly and is not at all travel friendly. I once carried one of the lipsticks in my bag and when I came back the cap was out and the lipstick bullet was damaged!! :( I am highly disappointed with the packaging.

1). E31: It is a pretty pastel pink shade with purple undertones. It would suit paler complexions and will wash out the medium or dusky ones. I like it but not love it. In the pictures it has come out to be more neon than it is in real. It is a nice everyday color.

2). 19:This is again an everyday peachy shade. This will suit all kinds of skin tones and complexions.

3). 01: This is a perfect color for fall/winters. It is a deep berry shade. I absolutely love it. It would go amazingly well with paler to medium complexions and even the girls with dusky complexions can carry it well. It is my second most favorite.

4). 17: This a carrot color with strong orange undertones. It gives the effect as if you have just sucked an orange popsickle and makes your lips look juicy and plump. This is my 3rd favorite.

5). 55: OMG! OMG!! This is such a pretty shade! It is my most favorite color. I am in love with it. This is a true red and will suit all skin tones alike. It brightens up your complexion like no other color does. It is neither orange-y nor blue based but a true RED color and is the most pigmented. It literally is insanely pigmented. It reminds me of ruby woo.

6). There is no name mentioned on this one. it is a purple shade but is not so intense. Instead it is pretty sheer and juicy. It is a great everyday color and will suit all skin tones.

Texture: Now coming to the actual product and its performance. These lipsticks are insanely pigmented-one swipe and you are good to go. Ofcourse, you can layer it up for a more intense color payoff. The texture is smooth and the finish is creamy and these glide on very smoothly onto the lips without any tugging. You do not require any lipbalm under them as these are moisturising enough and they DO NOT dry out your lips at all. Infact I feel my lips become smoother and softer when I wear these. They don’t have any fragrance as such just the regular mild “typical lipstick” scent. You can’t even sense it once these go on your lips. I love how light and moisturising these feel on the lips-no sticky feeling, no dry feeling at all. It feels like as if you are not even wearing anything on the lips. And no these don’t settle into the fine lines.

Staying Power: Since these are highly pigmented, they transfer a little, just a little- nothing that can’t be taken care of. And the best part about these is their staying power. They literally LAST ALL DAY LONG. Yes, you heard it right. They last throughout the day without any meal or with few snacks and drinks. If you happen to have a complete meal with them, you can still expect a wear time of 6-7 hours. And these always leave behind a beautiful tint. Isn’t that just UNBELEIVEABLE?! I was pleasantly surprised to see their performance. I have never come across any lipstick that has such incredible wear time at this rate!!

Final Verdict: You MUST buy these. Not only do they have an amazing color selection, but the quality is beyond amazing!! And these are available for a fraction of price that we pay for all the high end brands. They need to work on the packaging as it is almost impossible to travel with these. But for the quality I can still ignore the packaging and I don't really need a touch up when I am wearing these. I have almost all sorts of colors from them but I will still check if I can add anything new.

Rating: 10/5 These are SUPERB!

Let me know which shade you liked the most and if you have tried them or not.

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