Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review: Oriflame Tender Care Blackcurrant Protecting Balm

I was gone for almost 2 weeks now as I was busy visiting my family in Chandigarh, then they came back with me to Delhi for Diwali. And if you follow me on Instagram you must be knowing that Max (my dog) got sick. All this kept me really busy. And now when Diwali is over and Max is also doing well, I finally got back to my beloved blog. I had ordered few Oriflame products sometime back. This was the first time I was using anything from this brand. After using them for almost a month I am ready to share my views on them. Today I will be talking about Oriflame Tender Care Blackcurrant Protecting Balm.

Price: Rs. 249.00 for 15ml

Ingredients: petrolatum, caprylic/capric triglyceride, paraffinum liquidum, cera alba, paraffin, acetylated lanolin, cetyl alcohol, parfum, tocopheryl, acetate, glyceryl caprylate

Packaging: The packaging is purple in color since this is in blackcurrant flavor. The actual product comes in tiny little purple tub (with gold detailing) with a screw-on cap. The tub with the narrow mouth comes in a similar colored cardboard box which has all the required details. I prefer tubs to tubes anyday! Yes I know you will say it is unhygienic and what not but it is also very convenient. Especially when the product is about to get over, I hate putting all my efforts in squeezing the tube to get a teeny weeny amount out, even though the tube still has good amount of product in there. Tub packaging ensures that I use up every last bit. Though a bullet packaging would have been PURRFECT!

Scent: I had once used a lipbalm which had a very artificial scent that always gave me headache. The first time I sniffed Oriflame Tender Care Blackcurrant Protecting Balm, it reminded me of that. I was instantly put off!! However, slowly and steadily this scent grew on me and I quite like it now. It smells of blackcurrant and is neither very mild nor very strong, though people with sensitive nose might not like this. Every time I apply this, everyone in the room knows that I have put it on. The scent lingers on and you can smell it even after hours of application.

Texture: The balm is white in color and is neither very thick nor very light. I find the consistency to be perfect. It spreads easily and has a buttery feel to it.

My view: This is not just a lip balm but THE BALM. You can use it on your eyes, corners of the mouth, elbows..basically any dry area of the body. I absolutely love to use it on my under eye area every night before I retire for the day. It moisturizes the delicate area very well. Since it has the perfect consistency, there is no issue of tugging the under eye to spread it or it running down to the cheeks as it is not runny. Since it is not very heavy, I sometimes use it in during the day as well.

As a hand cream its performance is pretty average. I personally prefer something heavier for my hands.

For lips, I again find this to be an average product. It doesn't really work for very dry or chapped lips. When I had bought it I was having very dry lips and it did nothing to moisturize them. I would put the balm on and within 30 mins I felt like re-applying it. It felt like the more I was using it on my lips, drier they were getting. I then stopped using it and went back to my trusty method (which I will talk about some other time). Then after a week or so when my lips had got better, I again started using it. This time I actually liked it and felt that it kept my lips soft for a good 3-4 hours. Also, I like to use it beneath my lipsticks since it is not a heavy duty balm.

Final verdict: It is a decent every day balm which works great for under eyes, but if you have very dry and chapped lips or if you are looking for a highly moisturizing balm for the lips for winters then this is not the product for you.

Rating: 3/5

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