Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Love List

Hello lovelies!!
I have just returned after watching Interstellar and LOVED it to the core. If you haven't watched it yet, go and book a ticket for the weekend show. As promised on Instagram I am here with my first ever Love List on the blog. If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, (Seriously??!) please do so. That’s one place I am always posting pictures not just about my blog but other personal pictures as well. So, Love List is a new segment that I am starting from today. It would basically include few my favorite things at the moment, be it beauty or non-beauty related. I am still not sure whether to make it a monthly or a bi-weekly routine, but I will keep posting it whenever there will be a new list of things I will be excited about.

So, here goes my current Love List:

1. Ghost Adventures: If you know me and know me well, you would also know that I am a lover of horror genre. Be it horror movies, TV shows or the reality shoes, I am game for them. Whenever me and my friends get together I always ask them if they have any interesting paranormal incident to share, it gives me adrenaline rush you see! So this TV show Ghost Adventures is about 3 men (Zac, Aron and Nick) who head out to various paranormally active places and try to communicate with the spirits through their various sci-fi equipments. I am not sure how genuine are the responses they get but boy!! I am addicted. I think in the past 1 month I have watched almost 50 episodes and I still can’t get enough. If you love horror stuff, give this a try.

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2. Golden necklace: I recently got this dainty neckpiece from Forever21. It is gold, it is dainty, it is layered and is dirt cheap!! It is the perfect neckpiece that I had been looking for a while. Totally digging this one. I am wearing this with almost anything and everything.

3. Enchant Peel Off nailpants: My brother-in law (sister’s hubby) got these for me when he got back from Dubai. Not only are these cute but I love the fact that they can be peeled away easily. I love the consistency and the fact that they dry super fast. Now, I am someone who is very clumsy and I always end up painting my nails at the last moment, just when I am ready to head out and 9 out of 10 times my nail paint gets spoiled and I have to remove it and re-apply, which is the pain in the a**. I am so loving these for those last moment applications. Although these don’t last long and start chipping pretty soon but the fact that they dry so fast and don’t stain your nails have me hooked on to them.

4. Premier Dead Sea Hand and body cream: You can feel the chill in the air. Although it is still not really cold here in Delhi, but it is definitely getting drier. I am absolutely loving using this lotion for my hands. OMG!! This smells divine. It smells like warm vanilla, butterscotch cupcake. Yum!

5. Spectraban Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin Anti UVA & UVB SPF 30/PA++: O.K I have a confession to make. For the longest time I was not using a sunscreen. But then almost every sunscreen or even moisturizer breaks me out. I finally decide to buy one for myself and went to the chemist shop asking for a sunscreen for sensitive skin. When I came back I checked out it reviews online and read that it broke out a lot of people and made their oily skin oilier. I was in a mood to return this and get something else. Somehow, I ended up keeping it and I am really loving it. Let me know if you would like me to review this.

That’s all that I have to share today. Let me know what are you loving right now. I would love to hear from you guys.

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