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Natio Shea Butter Lip Balm Review

Tun tunak tun tun tunak tun tun tunak tun tun...That’s the song playing in my head since morning. Often very weird songs keep playing in a constant loop in my head and NO these are not any of my favorite songs (can they be anyone’s fav?!)but it is just that my mind has a tendency to catch any weird song that no one actually remembers and then play it in an infinite loop in my head and sometimes unknowingly I end up singing these songs loud out in the open and then people think I am mad! Tell me it doesn’t happen to you!

So, today I will talk about one of the lip balms that I have been using for some weeks now, on and off. To start with, I think no girl can ever have enough lip balms. Like NEVER EVER! We always want one non tinted, one in every color and flavour, a mint one for summers and so many more. Right? Well, I am no different and have an army of lip balms lying in my drawer but there are very few that I re-purchase- Nivea Fruitshine are my all time favourite. Recently while browsing online shopping websites, I came across a brand called Natio. It is an Australian cosmetic/skincare brand and they launched in India sometime mid-year 2014.

A little about the brand: Natio is Latin for "creation", "birth", "birthplace" and the ancient name for the Goddess of Nature. It symbolises the pure and natural, plant-based origins of Natio's range.
Natio has evolved from an Australian family business that has been manufacturing skincare and cosmetics for national and international brands over four generations during the past 75 years. In 1993, Max and Vivienne Ross launched Natio's beauty care range and the colour range followed three years later. Max and Vivienne both retain hands-on positions within the company.

Since they claim to be organic, I was intrigued to try their products. So, ahead I went and ordered few things. Delhi winters are well known and you definitely need a good lip balm to keep your lips behaving well. I have been searching for a good clear lip balm which can repair my lips and keep them well moisturized throughout the day.

Price: Rs 295 for 4g product. It is available on various ecommerce websites However, is giving the best offers on Natio products. Although, their delivery is pretty slow as compared to other sites.

Ingredients: Mineral oil, ozokerite, VP/Eicosene copolymer, caprylic/capric triglyceride, microcryastalline wax, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, silica, tocopheryl acetate, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, synthetic wax.

Packaging: Natio Shea Butter Lip Balm comes in a regular twist-up packaging with a cap. The tube is white in color and has all the necessary details on the cover.

Texture: It has a somewhat waxy texture. Upon application it leaves a hint of whitish cast but after few seconds of rubbing your lips together, it melts down and leaves behind just some shine.

My view: I was very excited to get my hands on Natio Shea Butter Lip Balm since they claim it to be organic and it contains shea butter. But I was highly disappointed when I read the ingredient list. The first Ingredient is MINERAL OIL. Like SERIOUSLY??!!

Also, while I was testing this out I always had it in my pocket and remember it is still winters here in Delhi...some serious winters, ok? Yet the balm bullet melted and changed its shape!! I was shocked to see this and wondered what would happen to it in ruthless Delhi summers!
Now, coming to the performance of Natio Shea Butter Lip Balm. It did not do any wonders. Well it actually did nothing. I would apply it and after 2 hours it would be gone. As long as it remained on my lips, it kept them moisturized but it did nothing to repair them and provided just some temporary relief. I would not really recommend it as there are much better options available in the market at much lesser price.

Rating: 2.5/5

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