Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Sivanna Shining Star Shimmer Brick | Beautifull & Blessed

Hello beautiful people!

I am back from a much needed holiday. Went back to my native place after ages! and had lot of fun. I also shot a few videos over there. It is so much easier to shoot there. Everything is so much better- the natural lighting, no noise, no heat to melt you off! I so want to just settle down there!

Anyways, so today I am reviewing Sivanna Cosmetics Shining Star Shimmer Bricks. I am totally loving it at the moment. This is such a gorgeous highlighting palette. From the pale to the darker skinned beauties..everyone will love it.

It imparts a very healthy glow to the face. You can of course use single colors as an eyeshadow or for blush. And when you swirl them all together, it gives the most b'ful golden glow with just a slight hint of color.

B&B Rating: 5/5

You can buy it from Flipkart. Price: Rs 550 - Rs 650, but I got it on an offer for Rs. 350. So, keep an eye for offers and grab it then.

Here are few pics for your reference:

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We will meet soon. Until then Stay Beautiful and stay blessed.

Lots of Love!

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