Saturday, July 12, 2014

June on Instagram

Lately I have been really getting serious about my fitness routine- my exercise, my diet, everything and do I need to say I am enjoying it to the fullest?! And if you keep a virtual diary of what all you are doing then the whole process becomes even more enjoyable. I have really started enjoying Instagram and Twitter now, although I took my own sweet time to get accustomed to them but I love instagram-ing and tweeting officially now!! Yay! Here is a look at how June was for me on Instagram:

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Posing and trying makeup

This was taken when I had visited my home as I was down with Typhoid :(. That's my baby MAX

Only healthy and filling food for me- Brown Bread, Soy bhurji and milk Shake. My staple. I can literally live on these.

Me and Max

Post workout selfie-drenched in sweat


Healthy Eating: Poha, Apricots and fresh lemonade

Rooh Afzah..Heavenly!!

Layer'r sprays

Cooking Aaloo Gobhi Matar

Trial Room Selfie :D

mirror selfie

Aah!! pleasant weather which is not so pleasant now

Apricot-tomato chutney. It was delicious!!

Shopping :D

Drinking loads of water daily



Nora Gouma said...

Lovely pix....:)

Unknown said...

Nora: Thank you dear :)

Unknown said...

Lovely pics Kanika! Your dog is adorable :)

Unknown said...

Richa: Thank you dear :)

Unknown said...

Richa: Thank you dear :)

Lisha B. said...

You look lovely! Started following u on IG :)