Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Layer'r Wottagirl Body Splash

I have always been fascinated by Bath and Body works & Victoria Secret’s scents. Earlier they were not available in India but now almost every e-commerce site stocks them and there is a wide variety to choose from. Isn’t it cool?! NO it is not. Because I have to shell out minimum of 800 bucks for 1 bottle which I think is quite expensive. What if we get similar scents at much cheaper rates!! For 200 bucks!! Would you not love it?

What? You don’t believe me? Continue reading to know what I am talking about.

I saw Ileana D’souza in an advertisement few months back. Not that the ad was very attractive or anything unique. But when I heard the word body mist I gave it a second look. In India we don’t have many body mists. I have used some from Avon, Oriflame etc but then they are not easily available and are not so in-expensive. I personally, love the concept of body mists as they are very subtle fragrances. Though you need regular touch ups but I really don’t mind that given that I am getting my favorite scent at 200 bucks!!

By now you must have recognized that I am talking about Layerr’s Wottagirl Body Mists. These have been launched in 3 variants. Yup just 3 as of now and I hope they launch more. These 3 are: Secret Crush, Vanilla Twist and Mystic Island.

Update: New fragrances are being launched:Crimson Chic, Amber Kiss and Emerald Fusion. These are priced at Rs. 225 each.

Price: These retail for Rs 195 each or Rs. 560 to Rs. 580 for a pack of 3. Isn’t it a superb deal? I ordered my pack of all the 3 variants from Snapdeal for Rs. 600 which included Rs. 40 for shipping. Each bottle contains 135 ml of product.

Packaging: These come in long cylindrical plastic bottles which look like glass. The bottles are transparent and travel friendly. They have a translucent plastic cover on them which has a pink design for Secret Crush, blue for Mystic Island and yellow-brown for Vanilla Twist. The packaging is very similar to Bath and Body Works’s body mists and even the names are on the same lines.

1. Secret Crush- This one is my favorite of all the three. It is a sweet, floral-fruity fragrance, not at all over powering. You can see how much I have used it!!
2. Vanilla Twist- It is a warm vanilla-butterscotch-ish fragrance which is more appropriate for winters or may be a date night. This is my second favorite. My sister has been using it and the picture tells you that she loves this alot.
3. Mystic Island- This is your regular fresh cucumber-ish scent.

I have to spritz quite a few sprays to get the desired intensity. The scent stays on me for around 4-5 hours after which it disappears completely. Though on my warmer areas like chest and under-arms I can still smell the fragrance at the end of the day.

These are a must try as the scents are pretty new for our Indian market and they are super in-expensive. This quantity will last you long time. I hope Layerr’s plans to launch more fragrances under this range. Also, I think they are not marketing it well enough. They should definitely work on that.

You guys go and check these out and let me know which one you like the most.


preethi said...

love tier packaging tooo

Unknown said...

Preethi Prasad: Yes me too and they are travel friendly as well.

Shivi@COSMOCHICS said...

wow! wanted to try these! Thanks for the review...will get one now :)

Unknown said...

Shivi: Go buy them without a second thought. They are worth every penny.

Nora Gouma said...

Packaging looks amazing...:)

Unknown said...

Nora: Yes it is quite similar to BBW