Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lakme Rose Powder- Soft Pink

We all need a good setting powder in our lives. It definitely is an important item in a makeup kit. You need it to set your foundation, set your concealer or just dab some on your face to keep off the oiliness and keep your face/makeup fresh. There are many such products available in the Indian market today. But the one I will be talking about is one of the oldest ones and is still going strong.

Price: Rs. 130 for 40 gm. It is really inexpensive.

Shades: It comes in 2 shades: soft pink & warm pink. I wanted to buy warm pink as I think it is more suitable for my complexion but it was not available so I ended up buying the "Soft Pink" shade. However, this rose powder doesn't give you any coverage so you don't really have to worry about the shade matching your complexion.

Packaging: Lakme Rose Powder comes in a round tub with a sifter and an applicator. I find the packaging very inconvenient. The cap as well as the sifter lid are not tight enough and come off easily. Hence it is not at all travel friendly. I tried to carry this in my bag and the moment I took it out and opened the cap, the product was all over the place. Not a good sight!

The Lakme Rose Powder contains rose petals and sunscreen. It has a mild and refreshing rose fragrance which is not at all bothersome and goes away once you apply the product. I find the applicator provided along with it of no use as it picks up too much of product. I would advice you to use a large fluffy brush instead. As far as the sunscreen claim is concerned, I really can't comment on that as I haven't used it for that purpose but I don't think it can really protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Although, this powder looks pink in the tub but that color doesn't transfer to your face. It goes translucent, giving just little bit of color to your face which looks very natural. It definitely mattifies my face and freshens it up. The effect stays for around 1-2 hours(only) on me after which my face starts becoming oily again. But that's just me as I have extremely oily skin. For someone with combination to normal skin, this would do better.

I would recommend you guys to try it once, especially if you are a beginner in makeup as it is a great budget option for everyday use and the quantity provided would last you a very long time.

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