Thursday, September 4, 2014

MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven (LC-06) Swatches & Review

Hello ladies!! How are you all doing?? I am in love with Delhi’s weather. So pleasant!! and I am back with yet another lip product. This one is a lip gloss and a very very affordable one.

Some time back MTV launched their makeup collection in collaboration with Blue Heaven. It is called MTV MUAH. We all remember our moms using that blue heaven kajal or a blue heaven lipstick, right? But fast forward to today and no one uses even a single product from them. Sad!! But I could not see them anywhere all this time. May be they stopped making products for a while, er.. whatever.

I had seen their makeup counter in a mall nearby but never actually felt like trying them and then finally when I thought of buying some stuff from them, the counter was gone. Poof!! I guess the sales were not good enough. LOL! So, I saw these lip glosses online and immediately bought them.

Price: Rs. 139/- for 6ml. So inexpensive. Yay!

There are 2 categories of lip glosses: lip colors and lip gloss, numbered as LC and LG respectively. They have a lot of colors to choose from ranging from everyday nudes to bright , dark and even some weird colors. What I don’t like is that they have given numbers to the shades instead of naming them.

Packaging: I absolutely love the packaging. The bottles come packed in cardboard boxes which have bright artistic designs over them. It is a fun and attractive packaging. The actual product comes in cuboid shaped glass bottle with a screw-open matte black cap along with a doe-foot applicator which picks up just the right amount of product. Nothing fancy but I like this no nonsense, fuss free packaging. Also, the matte black color and the shape of the tube give it a very classy look. The brand name is embossed in silver color on the bottle. Each shade is mentioned at the bottom of the tube which makes it easy to locate the color you are looking for.

Fragrance: These lip glosses have a mild fragrance which goes away after few minutes of application. It smells like roses. It is a nice and a subtle fragrance which would not bother even the ones with sensitive nose.

Texture: The texture of these lip glosses is thick and they feel pretty sticky when applied. The stickiness stays even hours after the application. If you press your lips you will find them sticking to each other. I don’t really find the stickiness bothersome but if you are someone who doesn’t like that sticky feeling, totally skip it. When I swatched them on my hands I could see very minute silver particles/glitter but these are not at all visible on lips. Also, the color transfers pretty easily which is a BIG con.

Application: The best way to apply these is to spread the gloss using the doe foot applicator and then massage your lips using your fingers. This will ensure even application. I noticed that if I did not use my fingers and just used the doe-foot applicator the finish was patchy and streaky.

I bought three shades- a bright neon-ish coral (LC-06), a very natural nude-ish mauve-ish pink (LG-05) and a deep brown based red (LC-02) which is appropriate for fall.

Today I will talk about the shade LC-06. It is a beautiful bright coral shade which is almost neon-ish. I love how it instantly brightens up my face. In pictures it has turned out to be more orange-y and less coral-y. This shade would suit fair to medium skin tones more. However, the dusky beauties can also make it work for them if they use it sparingly. The wear time of LC-06 is pretty good and it stays on for around 4-5 hours on my lips, without eating. Also, it does not completely vanish from the lips but leaves behind a nice tint. At the end of the day I have to remove it with a cleanser. With eating, the moment you would eat something it would fade away considerably. However, they are able to survive snacks.

First 3 photos are pretty close to how this color looks in person. The last 2 photos have come out to be more orange-y

Final Verdict: Overall, I am very happy with this gloss. It is such a pretty color and so affordable. Also, the lasting power is good. What else would you get at this price? You should go and buy at least one shade. I would surely recommend them.

Rating: 3.8/5

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