Monday, September 8, 2014

EOTD/FOTD: Greens and Berries

Hello People!! After a long time I am back with a makeup look. Yeah it has been long...really long!!
So, as we are approaching fall I am reaching out more towards deeper colors for my lips. I am totally digging deep berry, deep reds, violets, plum shades these days.

Onto the look now, I have obviously used a deep berry shade. I absolutely lurrve this color on me.

Let’s get started.
1. Start off with a cleansed and moisturized face and prime your lids. I used Garnier tinted roll on. It gets the work done for me.
2. Take an olive green eye shadow with black, brown and grey hints and apply it all over your eye lid. It was a metallic olive green sort of a color. (If it even exists!!). Blend the edges well with a blending brush.

3. Take a matt dark brown eye shadow, put it in your crease and blend it out, focussing more on the outer crease.

4. Now take a lighter brown color and diffuse the dark brown eye shadow up into the crease with it. This will help in giving a soft smokey look and will pull the whole look together.

5. Take a black eye shadow on a pencil brush and put it on your outer eye socket, creating a V. Blend it out. You can pack some more black eye shadow(if needed)to build up the intensity.

6. Take a beige golden shade and apply it to the center of the eye lid and blend it properly. Make sure not to cover your entire lid with it. Add just a tiny dot in the center. This would give more dimensions to this look.

7. Apply eye liner/kohl on your upper lash line and smudge it for a softer look.
8. Tight-line your upper lash line.
9. Apply mascara to your upper lashes.

10. Take the same metallic olive green eye shadow and apply it on the outer 1/3rd lower lash line and blend it nicely.
11. Now take the same dark eye shadow we used in 3 and go over the green eye shadow that you just applied on your lower lash line. Take this dark brown color upto ½ of your lower lash line, leaving just a little bit more than the inner tear duct area.
12. Take a champagne colored eye shadow and highlight the tear duct area.
13. Apply mascara to the lower lashes as well.
14. Take any highlighting color and highlight your brow bone. I took a silvery white highlighting color.
15. Conceal your under eye and set it with a powder. I again used Garnier tinted roll on and a BB cream.

16. Next, I applied Ponds BB cream all over my face and set it with Lakme rose powder.
17. Applied some bronzer on the hollow of my cheek bones followed by a mauve colored blush on the apples of my cheeks.
18. Next I took a deep plum lipstick and mixed it with a mauve lipstick to get a deep berry/deep purple sort of color. I totally loved the color as it really worked well for my complexion. My eye color pops out beautifully against it.
19. Finish off with a big smile :)

Here is the final look.
Let me know your thoughts about this look. Also, what lip color are you girls loving ATM?

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