Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

As oily is my skin, equally dry are my hair and scalp. Yes I have thick, coarse, dry, frizzy, porous, wavy hair. In short equally opposite of what I have always wanted. Sigh!! So, I always have to make extra efforts to maintain them. I can NOT use any drug store shampoo, conditioner for my mane as they have never ever worked for me. For around 4-5 years now I have been using only salon range products. I have used Matrix and Loreal professional ranges mostly and quite liked them. This time I was bored with the same stuff so I thought of trying something new. After thorough research of 1 week, I finally decided to buy Giovanni products. I ordered them from Flipkart and got them in 2 days straight!! Awesomeness!

The one I have been using for 3 weeks now is the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo and Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner . These are free from SLS, parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors, phthalates, formaldehyde and propylene glycol. I was totally sold on these claims!!

Giovanni is USDA certified organic brand and contains 100% vegetarian ingredients and they never test on animals. This particular line is a part of Eco Chic Technology.

Price: Rs. 525.99 for 250 ml or 8.5 Fl Oz. I paid Rs. 69.01 for taxes. So, overall it cost me Rs. 595.00


Packaging: It comes in long rectangular bottle made of white-ish translucent plastic. The cap is a flip-open type and you have to invert the bottle to get the product out. The bottle has all the necessary information on it.

Consistency & Fragrance: The shampoo is quite runny and resembles the consistency of a body lotion. You don’t even need to press the bottle to get the shampoo out, just tilt it and the product comes out on its own. It is slightly pale yellow-golden in color and has pearly sheen to it. Whenever I see this shampoo I am always reminded of banana shake :D

It has a very mild and sweet fragrance. I can’t really point out what exactly it smells like. But it is some sort of a fruity scent. The fragrance is not at all bothersome and you can only sniff it directly from the product. Once it goes onto your hair, there is no scent whatsoever.

My view: It is meant for damaged hair and is enriched with grapefruit, apple and aloe extracts along with vegetable protein to soothe dry or damaged hair, control frizz and add shine. I am actually used to using quite thick shampoos and this one is pretty runny so I was quite skeptical if it would actually moisturize my dry hair. When I say I have dry hair, I mean serious dry hair plus they are super thick. So I always need something super moisturizing, nothing less ever works for me..NEVER EVER.

Now I am used to using those SLS based shampoos that lather well and leave your hair squeaky clean and this shampoo was a big change for me. For the first few washes I was confused if I like it or not. The reason being, when I apply this on my dirty hair I don’t get that clean feel at all. It lathers up very well for a SLS free product but I get that sticky feeling on my scalp while washing my hair with this. I can feel my hair still sticking together and it gives me the feeling as if my hair is still dirty. Due to this I always end up using it around 2-3 times. Now, I always oil my hair heavily before shampooing and I always dilute my shampoo in some water and use it that way, so it’s O.K for me to use it more than once to get the oil out of my hair. But I was accustomed to that dry, squeaky clean feel that my SLS based shampoos used to give me, so it did bother me initially. After shampoo, I follow up with the conditioner from the same line. After coming out of the shower and letting my hair air dry, I could feel that my hair was clean and that sticky feeling was also gone. Infact, I noticed that while shampooing my hair used to feel pretty dry(although clean) with SLS based shampoos, which was not the case with this one.

After testing it out thoroughly for 3 weeks, I can safely say that this is my new HG shampoo and I will definitely be repurchasing it. It has made my hair softer and more manage-able and never dries them out even if I over-use it. As for eliminating frizz, I believe no shampoo or conditioner is fully capable of controlling the frizz. They can just calm it down a little bit but for completely getting rid of frizzy hair you have to use additional products. This may not work well for people with fine hair and might make their hair oily the very next day.

Final Verdict:If you are someone who has dry hair then you should DEFINITELY give it a try. You may not like it in the first wash as we all are used to those detergent based shampoos but within 3-4 washes you will start loving this for sure. The fact that it is free of lots of bad chemicals makes it even more appealing. So, go and buy this without a second thought.

Rating: 5/5

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