Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas LOTD

Merry Christmas!! I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays and the winters. My family is here with me nowadays, hence I did not post much in the last few days. It has been a really long time since I did a LOTD. So, here I go with my christmas-y look. Enjoy the pics and don't forget to comment below. :)

1. Start off with a clean moisturized face. I first primed my lids using the Garnier tinted roll on. I applied it all over the lids, taking it out upto the brow bone.

2. Taking a matt brown eyeshadow, I applied it all over the crease, diffusing it outwards. Make sure this brown shade is just a shade or 2 darker than your skin tone.

3. Take another matt brown color. This time 2-3 shades darker than the first one and using a pencil brush apply in it the outer 1/3rd of the lids, creating an outer V. Now blend this color out. Make sure just to blend out the edges and don't take this color too far.

4. Taking another matt brown eyeshadow (darker than the 2nd one) create one more V in the outer 1/3rd area of the lid. Keep this V even more concentrated and it should be smaller than the last V that we created. Blend it out lightly without taking the color too far.

5. Next take a matt black shadow and apply it in the extreme outer part of the eye lid. Again create a V and blend out the edges. Make sure to use a pencil brush for applying the black shadow and go easy with it as we don't want to go very dark. Blend it out for a softer look.

6. We used so many browns, just to add dimensions to the whole look. Using just one color would have made the whole look very flat. Since I am using silver on the eyes (which is a cold color), I decided to add some warmth using a red shade. So, I took a matte red color and lightly swirled a fluffy blending brush over it. Then I swept it over the crease area very light handedly.

The key is to go very very easy with this red shade, else you may end up looking sick.

7. Using shimmery silver eyeshadow, I applied it on the center of the lids. Layer the color as per your desired intensity. Then use a light brown eyeshadow to blend out the colors again.

8. Using the same 3 brown shades that I used on the eyelids, I used them on my lower lash line. Applied them all along the lash line, leaving out just the inner corner. Apply the same silver color below your brow bone.

9. Then I used Lakme Eyeconic Kajal on my upper lashline and smudged it using a matt brown eyeshadow and winged out the liner into the black V that I had created.

10. Then I applied mascara on my lashes. I used Miyo Big Fat Smokey Lashes Mascara. Don't forget to fill and shape your eyebrows.

11. Finally I applied Ponds BB cream and set it with Makeup Revolution translucent powder.

10. Concealed my under eyes using Makeup Revolution concealer palette and set it with powder.

11. Finally I lightly contoured my cheeks using a matt brown eyeshadow from the Makeup Revolution Make Believe palette and applied Oriflame VeryMe bronzer on the cheeks.

12. I finished off with a red lipstick(Fire Desire) from Coloressence.

Here is the final look:

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