Monday, December 15, 2014

Makeup Revolution London Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette- Make Believe

I am literally obsessed with this brand. But then what do I do?! They have great quality products at such affordable rates! And add to that the pretty packaging and the fancy names. What is not to love? I have got one drawer full of Makeup Revolution products. So, expect lot more posts on the same.

I had mentioned on my Instagaram that I will soon review an eyeshadow and eyebrow palette from Makeup Revolution. Well!! It has been quite a while since then. I had bought it from Jabong a while back and have been using it quite a lot since then. It is called Make Believe Awesome eyeshadow and eyebrow palette. They have another palette in the same line. It is called “Sticks and Stones”. The colors are almost similar, Make Believe being a little brighter though.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in Make Believe

Price: Rs 990 (or 4 pounds in UK). I got it on offer for Rs. 519.75
Jabong ALWAYS comes with offers every now and then. So, keep an eye for that.
You can buy it here: Jabong

Packaging: Firstly, I love how light, sleek and compact it is. Easy to carry and travel with. The packaging is pretty standard- black plastic box with a magnetic flap which shuts tightly. The front is mostly see-through from where you can see all the 16 colors in there. The back has the ingredient list, expiry date and all the necessary details. It comes with two small brushes: an angled brush which can be used for shaping the brows and a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator.

Shades: This palette contains mostly shimmery eyeshadows with just one matt color. It also has an eyebrow kit-one dark brown brow color and one lighter shade which is almost skin color.

1st column: top to bottom
1. shimmery light pink color
2. Shimmery silver(almost white) color
3. Shimmery violet color
4. Matt magenta color
5. Shimmery forest green color
6. Shimmery grey color
7. Shimmery molten gold color- it feels like a foil shadow. My favourite color of all.

2nd column (top to bottom)
1. Shimmery champagne-y pink color
2. Shimmery silver-purple color- it has light hint of purple.
3. Shimmery cobalt blue color
4. Shimmery reddish-copper color
5. Shimmery mehendi color
6. Shimmery electric blue color
7. Shimmery black color

Brow kit:
Left to right: Skin color shade, Dark brown shade

Texture: Almost all the eyeshadows have a buttery texture. They are shimmery and not glittery and some of them feel like foil eyeshadows which ofcourse is incredible. They are really soft and blend like a dream with no fallout at all! Also, I didn’t find them creasing.

Color Payoff: All the colors are highly pigmented.

Staying Power: They have a pretty good staying power and stay for around 6 hours without a primer and then start to fade away. Though, with a primer they can last the whole day.

Eyebrow kit usage: I use the darker shade in the eyebrow kit for filling and shaping my brows and for blending out the other colors. I also, use it for contouring purpose. It is a pretty good match for me and I think it will suit most Indians skin tones. The lighter color can be used under the eyebrows for highlighting them. I also use it for merging the colors on eyes and even for lightening the shades if I end up going heavy handed with the dark colors. I also tried using it to set my concealer and YES it did well in that department as well. Since it has pretty strong yellow undertones, it works well for setting the under eye concealer.

The eyeshadow brush is alright, nothing special, however, I quite like the eyebrow brush. It is small and makes the whole process of eyebrow grooming pretty fast and convenient.

Final verdict: If you are looking for a palette for parties and functions then go ahead with this one. It is a complete palette with almost every color you would need for your party makeup with the multi-purpose eyebrow kit. You will not need to carry 10 other things, just the basic stuff. It will keep your bag light and your pocket happy.

Rating: 4.5/5 I am deducting 0.5 because it doesn’t have a mirror. We always need one in every palette.

Few looks I created using this palette:

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