Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well I still have 2 more exams left...will be over by 27th.. :D :D n then I will be a free bird...yay..!!!

I was just getting bored (didn't have the time for a fashion or a beauty post) so just thought of doing this post.
Today let's get to know each other better.... & discuss about our native places and their specialities.

To start with...I am from Himachal Pradesh (H.P). To be more precise from Kotkhai (pronounced as coat-khaai, yeah I know that's a wierd name). This place is around 3-3.5 hours ahead of Shimla. It's a beautiful place with loads of greenery, mountains all around. I love the curvy roads of hilly areas (the rivers that flow along the  roads make for an awesome view). Most importantly I love our apple trees.

You guys must be knowing that H.P is famous for it's apples.We have variety of apples: royal, red-gold, golden to name a few. Apple season is about to come and it's the time for last minute preparations like sprays, manures,cutting the grass (called "tauliya" locally, hindi version of towel) etc.

Since we also have our apple orchards, we will be visiting Kotkhai to see how's the crop this time. I have heard that this time there isn't much crop as last time it was a "bumper-crop" situation, i.e full capacity crop.

Apart from apples other fruits that are grown in H.P are: almonds, apricots, pears, plums to name a few.

Also, H.P is known as the "devbhoomi",i.e "land-of-gods". Well it literally is the land of God. Various dieties are worshipped in every village. Every village has it's own diety. Beautiful traditional temples are built for these dieties.There are certain festivals which are celebrated in honour of these dieties, thanking them for being there, helping & protecting us and fulfilling our desires (which I will be sharing in some other post).

Another place that I will be visiting is Rohru (it's a beautifull valley). It's also 3-4 hours ahead of Shimla.
I will be posting the pictures of my visit to these places to update you guys.

What's your native place, its specialities? Do share..!!!

Keep smiling & blogging..!!!
T.c ....Cya 


R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Woww thanks for sharing Kanika :D

TSD Magazine said...

himachal pradesh is truly stunning!
i remember going there as a kid!