Friday, July 1, 2011

Shopping spree

I know I am writing after a long time…but then I was really busy. Anyways I went shopping yesterday and bought a few things.

Here are they: 

1)   l’oreal paris smooth intense shampoo  & conditioner

        What it says: Is your hair dry, difficult to smooth or unmanageable? Does your hair absorb humidity causing your hair to look unruly? For these specific needs, the l’oreal laboratories have developed SMOOTH INTENSE smoothing shampoo   


My view: Well I have used this shampoo before as well and I am quite happy with it, but never used it with the conditioner.  It does help you with the frizziness to some extent. This is my HG product.I will have to use it and only then will I be able to comment on the conditioner. But I am quite optimistic about it.

    Price: rs 72 for shampoo and rs. 80 for conditioner
   Available at: all leading cosmetic stores

   2) lotus pure radiance foundation

What it says:

I bought it day before yesterday and today morning I saw a lot of          bloggers blogging about it. I bought it in “ 360  soft beige (L)”. Since I have combination skin I don’t prefer foundations. But it said matte glow & oil- free. These 2 words forced me to try this foundation. Moreover it has SPF 20. I will soon try and review it. 

      Price: rs 175  I got it for rs. 160
     Available at: all leading cosmetic stores

3)    lotus herbals neem face wash:

        What it says:
   My view: I have used it only twice so can’t say much about it. I bought  it coz it says that it helps control pimples.
What I liked about it is the fact that it doesn’t dry out your skin. Its fragrance reminds me of the keshnikhaar soap. ;)

  Price: rs. 65
  Available at: all leading cosmetic stores

4)    olay total effects foaming cleanser:
        What it says:

        My view: Although I swear by the “cipla saslic facewash” which is  a      cleanser. It does wonders for my skin, specially in removing blackheads  completely. But when I went to this shop the SA very
cleverly convinced me to buy this cleanser cum facewash cum toner. You just need to moisturize after it.

I have used it only once. What I noticed is that it dried out my skin. So it’s definitely not good for dry- skinned people. Can’t say more coz I haven’t used it much. Will review soon.

        Price: may be rs. 125. I got it for rs. 90 as there is a rs 26 off offer + the  whole sale discount… :D :D
        Available at: all leading cosmetic stores.

5)    olay total effects anti-ageing cream: 

What it says: 7-in-1 anti ageing cream with SPF 15.
For normal skin.

  I bought it for my mum.
 Price: rs. 343 I got it for rs. 310.. :D
 Available at: all leading cosmetic stores

6)    tejus anti wrinkle & anti marks cream: 

What it says: 

It claims to work as an anti wrinkle cream and also removes marks. I have been using it since a week. May be it does work. Not sure. I have got some acne marks. But lately I have been taking a lot of care of my skin. So don’t know if it’s the cream or other things that are working.
But it does smell nice.

Price: rs. 150
Available at: all  patanjali stores

That's all for today...
Have fun n keep blogging.


R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Great stuff kanika!!!Donno why but I can't see the pics :(

Unknown said...

ohkie...thnx..lemme c

Pandora`s Box said...

Nice shopping spree. Love the loreal shampoo. If you`re interested in perfumes, do visit my new blog :)

Unknown said...

thnku pandora's box....

FashionPhD said...

smooth intense is awesome!

UV said...

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