Thursday, February 23, 2012

Plagiarism..Has it happened to you?

I was so shocked to read my own lines on some other blog and the blogger was whom a lot of us follow. I never expected her to do this!!! I had always heard of plagiarism but it happened with me for the very first time or may be I came to know about this for the very first time. I mean what the hell!! you can't even write down few lines and you call yourself a blogger??!! duh!!

I hope my photos and other stuff are not used(mis) by any other person. I remember Ansh from "vanity no apologies" talking about this. She was right it is such a small world.. PlagiarIST you better get creative & use your own mind.

Has it happened with you?? What did you do then? Do share your experience.

Take care.



Zatheela said...

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My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

Not yet, but I have an eye on my pics and look if I find them somewhere else.
You have a great blog; I'm following you now.

XOXO from Germany,
My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

Unknown said...

@My Bathroom/Wardrobe Is My Castle: yeah..v shud stay aleart..n thnx :)

Unknown said...

how did you find that out? i have no clue as to whether this is happening with my blog as well :(

Unknown said...

@deepika: I just stumbled upon the blog and was quite shocked..But the good thing is dat wen she came to know abt this , she immediately removed that post & apologized by emailing me. She said since there are few moderators involved wid her blog, it was their mistake. Anyways it was nice that she accepted the fault.

Segments of Life said...

I hate low-life's like that! Ughh... you should post their link so we can all go harass them :P
So far it hasn't happened to, or none that I know about...thank God! But I have started to put watermark on my pictures, so at least those can be protected, if not the writing.

Unknown said...

@segments of life: lol..i wanted to,but then she accepted her fault..n it was fine wid me. Nest time se I will keep dis ADVICE of urs in mind ;)

Miss Iffa said...

Wow! Very shocked to hear this! A good tip to fend off potential plagiarists is to install the Copyscape widget. It doesn't take very long at all and protects your work too!
It's a shame people can't think of their own things to say!
I'm your newest follower, great blog!


Unknown said...

@MI=iss Iffa: thnku for the tip. :)

Megha Sarin said...

I know! Plagiarism irks me! I cant stand it :(


Unknown said...

plagiarism sucks in all means..i mean creativity is unique,,it cant be copied or hurts a lot to see such behaviour from people.