Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Parachute Advansed Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray

Summers are almost here and all your body butters and those creamy body lotions won’t work the same. They will be too hydrating (read heavy) in this weather. I have been using a newly launched body lotion which is PERFECT for the summer season. Read on to know more about it. I have been using it daily for almost 2 weeks now and I am in love with it.

Price: I think till now they have just launched one 100ml bottle which is priced at Rs. 99. This is a launch offer and the price will soon rise to Rs.120.

Claims: New Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray, with cool mint extracts and coconut milk that instantly refreshes and cools down your skin.

1. instant freshness

2. non sticky & light

3. soft & smooth skin

4. double sunscreens (UVA & UVB)

5. Quick Absorbing

6. 100% natural moisturiers

I am fine with all the points except for 4 and 6. The ingredient list which is full of chemicals definitely contradicts the 6th claim. As far as sun protection is concerned, they should mention about the spf factor as well.

Packaging: Parachute Advansed Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray comes in a cylindrical light green and white bottle without any box, along with a pump. The packaging is pretty and attractive. The pump is covered with a small transparent cap. The pump makes the usage really easy. Especially when you are applying a body lotion in the bathroom after you have just had a bath, the pump dispenser helps a lot. The first time I used it, I had to press the pump around 8-10 times to make the product come out. But that's something they have mentioned in the bottle as well. It's just a one-time thing and the pump has been working well since then. Also, this bottle is perfect for traveling with no fear of spilling.

Fragrance: Talking about the fragrance-it has a citrus-y+ cucumber-ish smell, if you understand what I mean. The fragrance is very refreshing, mild and pleasant and won’t bother even the most sensitive noses. It is little citrus-y in the beginning and then settles down to a mild warm sweet smell. It stays on for a while and then totally disappears.

Consistency: The consistency of this body lotion is very thin and it gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It spreads very easily and hydrates the skin well. You will feel the need to re-apply this after few hours especially if you are in AC-environment. The light consistency makes it apt for summers. However, if you are someone with dry to very dry skin then this won’t work for you.

Below are the lotion swatches so that you can have an idea about its consistency.

Overall I am quite liking Parachute Advansed Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray and it will be my go to lotion this summer as the light consistency and the refreshing smell apart from the affordable price make it a perfect body lotion.

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Lisha B. said...

oh wow! a body lotion spray! now thats interesting <3 would love to give this a try soon!