Friday, August 22, 2014

Gramodaya Khadi Herbal Body Wash-Lavender and Ylang Ylang (relaxing and sensuality)

Ingredients: water, aloe vera gel, comfrey ext., vit. E, lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, crocu sativus, azadircta indica, curcuma aromatic, base Q.S.

Benefits: body wash with the refreshing fragrance of lavender and extracts of ylang ylang flower, Khadi lavender and ylang ylang body wash helps in relaxing, tightens muscles, lessen aches, reducing inflammation, purify and heal the skin.

Usage: apply to wet skin all over the body. Rub into a lather & rinse. Use daily if desired.

Price: Rs. 130 for 210ml

Packaging: It comes in a cylindrical bottle made of plastic. The bottle is transparent and has a flip- open cap which is black in color. The ingredients list, usage and all the important things are mentioned on the bottle itself.

Consistency and Fragrance: It is a gel body wash which is not so thick but not so runny either. It is light purple/lavender in color and comes out easily when you tilt the bottle without even squeezing it.

I have never used any other lavender or ylang ylang product. So, I am assuming this is what they smell like. The fragrance is sort of relaxing and soothing. Somehow, it reminds of aftershave, not so strong though. Nevertheless, it is still a nice fragrance.
I bought this product online on an offer of 200 for 2. I was looking for a good body wash when I came across this one and read hundreds of amazing reviews on this. After reading so many good things about it my expectations literally reached the sky. I was expecting it to be a miraculous product, but it turned out to be just decent.

I have already used up the first bottle and this is the second bottle. I take some product on wet loofah and start exfoliating my body. I always have to go back to get more product to get the desired amount of foam sufficient enough to cover the entire body. Neither does it lather as much as other body washes nor is the foam as soft as others which means it is low in detergent content (SLS), which is a big plus for me. It washes away easily without leaving behind any slippery feeling. Also, it moisturizes really well and I don’t feel the need to use any moisturizer separately in summers. In winters though, you will definitely need to follow up with a body lotion.

Overall, it is a “value for money” product. I did not find it effective in reducing bodyache or tightening the skin but it is a good everyday body wash.


Lisha B. said...

I am a huge fan of Khadi products and this sounds absolutely amazing! Superb review babe

Unknown said...

Even I prefer trying out their stuff. we should totally support Indian brands.