Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms-Unapologetic

I have told you guys innumerable times how much I love lip colors-be it lipsticks, lip glosses, basically any sort of lipcolor. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms are already much raved about and today I am going to talk about the shade 210 Unapologetic.

This is the first lip crayon that I have tried. Yes, I have not used any other lip crayon. Nil Zilch Nada. Because I already own so many other lipsticks that I can’t buy any new color. I can never ever buy anything new until and unless I finish the ones that I already own. This particular product is also something that I didn’t buy but won it in Cynthia’s IVC giveaway. A big shout out to her amazing blog!

Packaging: These crayons come in twist up packaging with a silver twister at the end. You twist this silver part and the crayon comes up. Every crayon is of the same color as the shade itself and has the shade name written at the bottom of the crayon. The brand and product name is inscribed in silver color on the crayon body. These come with a cap. You twist back the crayon and put a cap on it thus protecting the crayon tip from getting damaged. The cap is also of the same exact color as the shade itself. I like the packaging as it is convenient to use and identify the shade and is also easy to carry around in your purse.

Price: You get 2.7gm of product for Rs. 800. The quantity is pretty good but they should definitely work on pricing. It will last you long time even if used daily. I love the minty fragrance that it has and find it quite cooling and refreshing. I find the smell exactly similar to that of Polo (mints). It goes away in few minutes though.

Shade: Unapologetic is neon pink, almost fuchsia shade, but less purple and more pink. I absolutely love this color. It instantly brightens up my complexion. It would suit beauties with lighter to medium complexion and in my opinion it would wash out those with darker complexion. Although, I think everyone can wear it as a light tint.

Texture and Staying Power: These crayons go quite opaque in a single swipe while 2-3 swipes will give you complete intensity. Since these are matte balms hence these are drying in nature. If you have dry and chapped lips these will definitely emphasize those and settle into the lines. Even if you have healthy lips I would suggest you to nicely prep and moisturize them before applying these mate balms as these feel quite dry on lips. Also, the best way to apply this is to apply a layer and then spread it nicely on you lips using you fingers. Applying it in this way ensues even application. After few hours of application my lips start feeling a little dry and uncomfortable. But since these are matte in nature so you should expect the dryness to come along.

I love its staying power. I had applied it for a function where it lasted on me for around 7-8 hours with meals and snacks after which I washed it off. It looked fresh for 5 hours after which it started to fade but still left behind a nice tint at the end of the day.

Final Verdict: Everyone should own at least one of these matte balms for the amazing quality and staying power.


Srinjla said...

great review
such a pretty shade

Unknown said...

Srinjla: thank you :)

Megha Saraf said...

This is such a beautiful shade. Looks gorg on ur lips!

Unknown said...

Megha: Yeah it is one of the best shades available. thank you

Karishma Lakdawalla said...

such a pretty shade! i think ill pick this one up :)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah please go ahead, It is indeed a beautiful shade Karishma