Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Miyo Big Fat Smokey Lashes Mascara

I recently ordered few makeup products from Jabong. They are offering amazing discounts right now so go ahead and place an order. Jabong really surprised me with their delivery this time. I ordered my package late evening on 30th October and it was delivered on 1st November morning!! Aaaaaaa!! Isn’t that insane!! I Love you guys for this. Keep up the good work!

So, while I was browsing the makeup section, my eyes fell on this little baby- a cute, fat, bright tube of mascara. I had never heard of this brand before. Since I wanted to try different mascara as I was not happy with my current one, I picked it up. Let’s see how it fared.

About the Brand: Miyo is a UK based cosmetic brand. You can find their products on Jabong.

Product claims: Get those big fat smokey look lashes! Extra volume for a truly glamorous look.

Price: Rs 580 for 10 ml. I got this on a discount where it cost me Rs 250. Yay!!

Packaging: I like the bright yellow color of the tube. It is eye catching and you can easily locate it in your makeup stash. The tube has a narrow mouth which really helps in controlling the amount of product on the brush. The packaging is definitely better than the Maybelline Hypercurl.

Brush: I absolutely love that brush. It is small and tapered at the ends. It is neither too dense nor too thin and the bristles are small and resemble the teeth of a comb. I adore how this brush spreads the mascara evenly and helps in separating the lashes. I also noticed that the brush wand is kind of flexible. So, when I apply mascara it bends a little as I curl my lashes. This really gives you better control over the way you want to apply the mascara. Thumbs up for that.

My view: The formula is thick but not very wet (If you know what I mean). It dries out pretty quickly and the best part is that the tapered mouth of the tube helps the brush in picking just the right amount of product. Furthermore, the consistency of the mascara is such that it doesn’t really get on my eyelids or on the under eye area. Honestly, I am someone who is really bad with mascara application. I end up with lots of product on my eye lids, on the corner of the eyes and even under the eyes when trying to coat the bottom lashes. But with Miyo Big Fat Smokey Lashes Mascara there is no such issue.

I usually apply just a single coat of mascara, but to check its efficiency I tried 2 coats and was really happy to see that it doesn’t clump at all. I think apart from having the right consistency, the brush shape really helps in avoiding the clumps and separating the lashes. This is a great everyday mascara. It lengthens and curls the lashes beautifully without clumping. It doesn’t really add drama to the lashes like the maybelline Collossal one does, but provides little volume. This mascara doesn't crumble at all. I have even slept with it (I know a bad bad habit, but I was dead tired)and woke up with the mascara intact and no fall off at all!! Kudos to this guy!! Also, I really love the fact that it doesn’t make my lashes look crisp and fried-you know some mascaras do that and make the lashes look really crisp. Maybelline hypercurl did that to me but this doesn’t. Although this isn't waterproof but it doesn't smudge and is pretty easy to remove. I never faced any issue while removing it, no falling lashes at all.

Final Verdict: I absolutely loved this one and would definitely recommend this to you girls. If you are looking for a good and affordable mascara then you should give this a try.

Rating: 4/5

Here are the pictures for your reference:

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