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Rosegal/Accessories Review

Hello lovely people!!

If you have been following me on Instagram, you must be knowing that I posted a picture of me saying that I am going to post something different this time. Some of you made few guesses, but no one could get this one. I was actually talking about sharing my experience of shopping on

I have been shopping online for some years now but I had not shopped on international websites since I did not have a Paypal account and I was pretty skeptical about using my credit card details on these e-commerce sites. So finally one day I made my Paypal account and shopped first time ever through an international website.

I was always tempted by those trendy and latest designs that I saw on these shopping portals and what was even more fascinating was that these are available at dirt cheap prices on these shopping websites. Firstly, I don't see many Indian shopping websites stocking these kind of jewellery/accessories and those who do, I find the rates very high. These international shopping websites offer a wide variety of accessories which is very pocket friendly and they ship to India without costing a bomb for shipping. The only downside is that it takes at least a month to reach India and sometimes even few weeks more. But frankly speaking I was ready to risk it since there was not much to loose. So, ahead I went and ordered few pieces.

After placing my order on August13, I waited for a month patiently as by this time I knew that when you shop from these websites, your package takes atleast a month to arrive, since this was my second stint with a similar site after having a wonderful experience with the first one. Rosegal doesn't provide any tracking number with the "flat rate shipping" which I did not know because I did get a tracking number with my order, but it did not work when I tried to track my order. Also I paid around $2 extra for the insurance.

On 27th August I contacted the customer care through the ticketing system on their website and asked them about my order status. They replied back saying that my order was shipped on 16th Aug and it would take around 15-35 days to reach me and since I had taken flat rate shipping I can not track my order. This got me worried. Although they replied to my query but I felt they were not ready to take the responsibility for the delivery. Still I decided to wait few more days. On 10th Sept I messaged them again and asked them what was the insurance I paid? To which they promptly replied that if I had paid insurance then they would re-send my package or re-fund my money if the package doesn't reach me or gets lost on the way. This relieved me but I still wanted my package as I had spent hours in finding the right pieces for me. The package finally reached me in 45 days from the date of placing the order and I was a happy bunny.

This is all I ordered. Since this was my first time from Rosegal I wanted to play safe and ordered very cheap but beautiful pieces.

Pair of Fashion Gemstone Embellished Square Pendant Earrings For Women Color:-$1.07

Pair of Delicate Rhinestoned Waterdrop Shape Stud Earrings For Women Color:ROSE-$1.81

Wave and Numbers Pattern Quartz Watch with Analog Indicate Leather Watchband for Women Color:WHITE-$3.96

Cute Colored Geometric Faux Gemstone Pendant Alloy Necklace For Women Color:LIGHT GREEN -$3.36

Quality: The pieces are of average quality. But then you are literally getting them for peanuts so I don't think there is much to complain about. These are pretty light weight and the finishing is very clean. I especially loved both the earrings. I personally can not wear heavy earrings as I have very small piercings. Both of these fit me well and are so easy to wear all day long. The pink one is my most favorite.

This aztec print white watch is something I had been eying for quite a while. I wanted a bright yet understated girly watch for casual outings and found this to be perfect. The price was cherry on the cake. Althoguh the strap is a little hard but nothing to fuss about.

I also wanted a simple necklace. While there were many beautiful pieces but I was going through a mint-love phase so ordered this one. The finishing is good and the piece is very lightweight.

I have been using these piesces for more than a month now and I haven't faced any corroding or color fading issues with these. Of all the accessories that I ordered from Rosegal, I did not get any allergy or reactions from any of these.

I would highly recommend trying this website if you are looking for trendy pieces at affordable rates and don't mind the long wait. Rosegal has a lovely collection of accessories, clothes, bags and shoes.

Rating: 3/5

Have you shopped from Rosegal? Let me know how was your experience.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in anyway by the Rosegal team. I bought the items from my own money and this is my personal experience.

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