Friday, November 28, 2014

Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch-Pushp Water, Steam Distilled Review

I don’t have a skin care routine, never had any. I am just a face wash girl and have been using the same since the past 2 years. When you have sensitive and acne prone skin, you have no other option but to stick to what your Dermatologist prescribes. But since the past few weeks, my skin had been looking dull and tired- like it looks dead when you get badly tanned. It looked dehydrated and really bad to look at. Since, I haven’t been using any moisturizer for a while, just those anti-acne treatments...they had dried out my skin badly. Winter season makes it even worse. All of this had taken a toll on my skin. So, I thought of getting something for my skin that would hydrate it and not break me out.

I wanted to try something natural, something organic, something that wouldn’t break me out. While browsing various websites, I came across Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch-Pushp water. The description sounded so heavenly. But a distilled water for 400 bucks?! Will it be worth it? What can just water do to my skin? I asked myself. With my fair share of doubts, I clicked on the checkout button.

About the Brand: "Oilcraft Naturals is a labor of love which blends ancient traditions of aromatherapy with a modern approach to well-being. The parent company being more than a century old, we have a sound production base and a direct marketing strategy to cater to everyone who may be interested in essential/aroma oils, natural distillates (like rose water), blends and natural Indian fragrances or 'attars'. Our client list includes several prestigious names, both organizations as well as individuals in India as well as overseas."

It is an Indian brand which uses all natural ingredients and does not test on animals. Oilcraft Naturals uses the best quality roses from Kannauj, UP- the ittar city which is famous for its roses and rose water apart from ittar. They are said to be the suppliers to Kama Ayurveda. If you had been eyeing some the KA products but couldn’t convince yourself to spending a bomb, then you would love to read ahead.

Price: Rs.400 for 200ml

Packaging: I absolutely love the packaging. It is minimalistic and sophisticated. I love how simple yet how functional they have kept the whole thing. The bottle is made of plastic and is not heavy at all. The material doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy and is travel friendly. It comes with a spray mechanism and has a plastic cap to cover the pump. Since the bottle is transparent, you can easily see how much product is left.

My View: Panch-pushp means 5 flowers. This is a steam distilled water of 5 different flowers: rose, Kewra, mogra, saffron and marigold. It smells heavenly!! You can primarily smell kewra with a hint of rose. The fragrance is absolutely divine! The color of the water is pale yellow which is due to the presence of saffron and marigold. It doesn’t contain any added color or fragrance or any kind of preservative.

Let’s talk about the benefits of these 5 flowers. As stated by Oilcraft Naturals:
1. Rose helps in toning
2. Kewra helps in cooling and softening
3. Saffron is for healing
4. Marigold is for cleansing
5. Mogra provides hydration

This is a multi-purpose product. You can use it as a toner, a moisturizer, as a makeup setting spray. They have even suggested using as a body mist or air freshener which I think is not possible as the fragrance doesn’t really linger that long. I use it after face wash as a moisturizer. Now, it isn’t a moisturizer, per se, so don’t expect it to give you a heavy dose of moisture. My skin gets very oily in summers and is combination to normal in winters. I use a mild face wash and follow up with Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch-Pushp water. It calms down my senses, soothes my skin and refreshes me. I then let my skin absorb all its goodness. Sometimes, I spritz it directly onto my face and sometimes I spray some on my palms and then pat and massage it onto my face. Either way it works fine. Since, I have combination skin, the natural oils come onto the face after a while and my skin doesn’t feel stretchy or dry. If it does, I spray it again and that dry feeling is taken care of.

As soon as I spray it on my face, I can see the difference. It instantly brightens my skin and makes it look healthier, hydrated, fresh and glowy. If you have drier skin, I would suggest you to use it with glycerine. It makes an excellent natural moisturiser. Since, I have sensitive skin and glycerine breaks me out, I stopped using it. It worked well for my sister though.
I also use it as a setting spray after applying my base. It makes the makeup look much more natural and dewy.

Final Verdict: Overall, Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch-Pushp water has made a remarkable difference to my skin in a short span of time and I am sure it would continue to do so. I see myself using it even more during summers. Not only has it helped my dehydrated skin but has made it look fresh and bright. It has definitely changed my thoughts about toners, which I used to believe do anything. But this one is an exception and I will keep re-purchasing it till I find something better. It might look a little expensive as compared to other drugstore toners, but it will last you a loooong time and is all natural. I would HIGHLY recommend this product as it is free of all the chemicals and it actually works.

Rating: 5/5

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